“If there’s one quality that unites the selections, it’s a sense of urgency, of sounds breaking through from within.”
The New Yorker

"An immersion in experimental vocal music, this is as artist-focused as a festival gets..."
—The New York Times

“…a festival suffused with purpose and ambition.”
—The New York Times

“Across three nights, across nine headliners and manifold guest performers (including frequent calls on the audience to become performers themselves), we were reminded that in order to rise above the static, we need to progress and advocate. We need to become the collective voice of a many-throated choir.”
—National Sawdust’s The Log

“The Resonant Bodies Festival is the paragon of charismatic, diverse, and meaningful programming, and a celebrated staple of the New York new music scene.”
—i care if you listen

"For new-music lovers, Wednesday evening’s performance at Merkin Concert Hall outdid any of those old Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras three-tenor spectacles. Presented by the indispensable Resonant Bodies Festival, here were the Three Experimental Sopranos, given the freedom to program their own 45-minute sets."
The New York Times

"Buoyed by waves of energy and creativity, this bold and impressive festival will likely continue to sound for years to come."
Seen and Heard International

"The soprano and raconteur Lucy Dhegrae’s third annual festival devoted to new vocal music commences with three indispensable sopranos performing pieces by composers with whom they have long-standing associations..."
The New Yorker

"Among the artists there is refreshing diversity — of race, nationality, gender, style and age — but it never feels like Ms. Dhegrae is merely checking demographic boxes."
The New York Times

"Resonant Bodies fulfills an implicit promise to wow and intrigue, by booking some of the planet’s most creative vocalists and then cutting them loose..."
—Seen and Heard International

"This young but already essential festival of new vocal music spreads its tentacles across town...."
—The New York Times

"It’s an enterprise that wants and deserves to go everywhere, geographically and artistically, letting singers build 45-minute sets, with unpredictable results."
The New York Times

In equal measures intelligent, playful, ambitious and moving the program…illuminated the shape-shifting power of the human voice.”
The New York Times

“Thinking harder about the voice is the aim of the Resonant Bodies Festival, which began just last year and has already made a valuable contribution to the city’s music scene.
The New York Times

"If the word gesamkunstwerk seems hyperbolic, so be it...consistently impressive and entertaining."
—Seen and Heard International

An ambitious festival spanning a vast range of vocal styles […] a choice group of up-and-coming artists in the classical, contemporary, jazz and improv modes.”
—Time Out New York

“Each night [featured] three young singers performing programs of their favorite music. This curatorial freedom gave [the] show a happy zealousness, where the singers’ enthusiasm for their repertoire was contagious.”
—Sequenza 21

"With all due respect to those who play other instruments, it is tempting to say that there is no more versatile tool than the human voice. For the opening night of the Resonant Bodies Festival, director Lucy Dhegrae miraculously brought together three of the 21st century’s most distinctive singers—who may likely never be seen onstage together again—and invited each of them to curate a 45-minute set, resulting in three disparate segments."
—Seen and Heard International

“...today’s most talented young singers, alongside a wide-ranging performance that seamlessly blended classical, avant-garde and indie-folk.”
—Feast of Music

"New-music vocalists, who usually ride shotgun in contemporary-music concerts, have claimed a space all their own with this new concert mini-series."
The New Yorker

"...like a series of small religious services... searching and serious."
The New York Times

"The first Melbourne edition of the Resonant Bodies Festival was an exciting, thought-provoking and diversely programmed concert. Dhegrae, along with Sheldon and Aszodi, must be commended for their artistic vision—providing a rare space for performers to collaborate and take risks with new vocal music."
RealTime Arts (Australia)

"…testing the technical capabilities of singers"... "…radical contemporary vocal experimentation.. is the raison d’etre of the Resonant Bodies Festival."   "Raucous"
—Chicago Tribune

"...exhilarating plunge into the wilder corners of experimental vocal music."  ... "An amazing performance of vocal versatility..."
—Chicago Classical Review

"…a model for a festival that could return year after year and never become predictable." 
Newcity Music (Seth Boustead)

“…its strength in New York is still in the way it can draw together musical scenes in the city that aren’t always connected…All it takes is someone to program a new-music festival that way: in this case, its founder and director, Lucy Dhegrae.”
—The New York Times



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The Sound Barrier (with Jane Sheldon and Lucy Dhegrae)
New Waves on ABC Classic FM with Stephen Adams (with Jessica Aszodi, Jane Sheldon, and Lucy Dhegrae)