Show Notes: Amanda DeBoer Bartlett

Photo: Alexandr Karjaka

Photo: Alexandr Karjaka

Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, DMA is an Omaha-based classical soprano who specializes in the work of living composers. Along with her solo repertoire, she is a member of Ensemble Dal Niente, Hasco Duo and Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble. 

Recent and upcoming premieres and performances include operas by Katherine Young, Eliza Brown, and Frederick Gifford, a performance of David Lang's "love fail" at the Kody Festival in Poland with Quince, the Ear Taxi Festival in Chicago, as well as music by Holly Herndon, Marcos Balter, Christopher Cerrone, noise rock band Deerhoof, Erin Gee, and Natacha Diels. 

Ms. DeBoer is featured on albums with Holly Herndon, Deerhoof, Ensemble Dal Niente, Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, Christopher Wild, and Hasco Duo. 

Outside of her performance work, Ms. DeBoer is also the founder and director of an experimental performance festival called Omaha Under the Radar, which has presented nearly 200 individual artists from around North America during its first four seasons. 

Born and raised in Omaha, NE, Ms. DeBoer moved to Chicago to study at DePaul University where she received a Bachelor of Music. She received a Masters degree from the University at Buffalo, where she studied with acclaimed contemporary interpreter Tony Arnold, and a Doctorate of Musical Arts from Bowling Green State University.