Rully Shabara Show Notes


Experimental vocalist Rully Shabara makes use of a wide range of extended techniques. His work fuses traditional Javanese musical forms with the experimentation of the avant-garde and ideas imported from metal and noise music. His duo Senyawa is a collaboration with instrument creator Wukir Suryadi. Suryadi's assemblages of bamboo, string, and metal have accompanied Senyawa on tours throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, and the USA. They have collaborated with the likes of Yoshida Tatsuya, Otomo Yoshide, Lucas Abela, KK Null, Keiji Haino, Rabih Beiani, Trevor Dunn, Greg Fox, Sofia Jernberg, Arrington De Dionysus, Melt Banana, Jon Sass, Damo Suzuki, Jerome Cooper, Oren Ambarchi, David Shea and Kazu Ushihashi; and they have performed at the Adelaide Festival; MONA FOMA; theGlatt und Verkert Festival (Austria); the Malmo Sommarscen Festival (Sweden); CTM Festival (Berlin); and SuperDeluxe Tokyo.