Jenna Lyle Show Notes

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Composer, performer, installation-builder, and administrator, Jenna Lyle has worked with various ensembles and specialized in the performance of works by living composers. She has presented her own works as well as those of her colleagues throughout the U.S. and abroad, with performances recently by Spektral Quartet, Mocrep, Chicago Composers Orchestra, Loadbang, D U C K R U B B E R, and The Riot Ensemble, of London. As a performer, Lyle takes on long-term collaborations drawing upon her background in theater and vocal performance. Her latest projects include an international tour of choreographer Erica Mott and composer Ryan Ingebritsen's 3 Singers, a dance and multi-media opera; a collaborative duo work for bodies, voices, hanging speakers, and electronics with Australian mezzo Jessica Aszodi entitled Grafter; and a one-woman adaptation of Stravinsky's L'Histoire du Soldat. Lyle is also a performing member of Mocrep and a co-founder of Parlour Tapes+, a New Music cassette tape label and media/performance collective based in Chicago. She holds degrees in composition from Northwestern University (DMA), Cleveland State University (MM), and Birmingham-Southern College (BM) and curates and coordinates programming at The Arts Club of Chicago as Programs Manager.


As an artist, Lyle explores how the physical body, and in turn the culture in which it functions, adapts to its semiotic or "data-based" representation. Magnifying the relationship between sonic output and physical process and separating it from the second nature, she often places performers in physical arrangements that force a heightened awareness of body while they execute a set of instructions for sound production. Performer configurations may highlight interpersonal dynamics, the connection between a sonic object and movement, or the production of sound as contingent upon the perception of one's own bodily processes, among other things. As a result, movement and corpus become increasingly significant as musical material, fueling a discourse of movement as motive in Lyle's work. 

Composed/Devised and Performed by Jessica Aszodi and Jenna Lyle Photography by Yonatan Aljadeff & Jenna Lyle Excerpts from documented performances at Space4Art (San Diego), Eaton Chapel (Beloit, WI), and Elastic Arts (Chicago)
Mocrep performs a work collaboratively devised with composer/performer Jenna Lyle Plank Rodeo for 4 performers on amplified wooden planks Performers: Alex Ellsworth, movement Ray Evanoff, lights Zachary Good, movement Jenna Lyle, sound Isaac Stevenson, movement Chris Wood, movement Conceptual Framework/Direction/Scoring: Jenna Lyle Performed on August 13, 2016 at Orangerie Darmstadt, Hessen Official video from Darmstadt International Music Courses 2016