MRMR Mission

Resonant Bodies Festival supports the growth and evolution of contemporary vocal music and vocal artists. Through our Festival documentation, Resonant Bodies Podcast, and our Contemporary Vocal Music Database, we have created resources for vocal performers, composers, and our growing worldwide audience. MRMR—what we call this collection— is a crucial part of our mission to:

  • To catalyze creation of new vocal music

  • To expand the audience for new vocal music

  • To challenge and transform the role of the vocal recitalist

  • To bring together a global network of new-music vocalists

  • To connect audiences, performers, and composers

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Resonant Bodies Podcast answers the question: who is the 21st-century vocalist? Year-round we feature in-depth interviews with Festival vocalists,  exploring each artist's curatorial process, collaborations, and personal stories. 






Contemporary Vocal Music Database

A resource of more than 600 vocal works from the 20th and 21st centuries, open to editors around the world. A great way for vocalists to discover new repertoire, and a way for composers to list their works (with links to scores and audio).

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Maintaining the MRMR collection is made possible by the generous contributions of our RBF community. Consider joining RBF as a monthly sustaining member, or making a one-time donation. All donations are tax-deductible and enable us to continue providing these resources for public use.