150 Days of Vocal Music

Days 91 — 100

July 7 — July 16


Day 91: "Let me tell you" by Hans Abrahamsen, performed by Barbara Hannigan

Day 93: "Listen my heart" by Susan Botti, performed by Lucy Shelton

Day 95: "La anunciación" from La traición de las imágenes by Rebekah Driscoll, performed by Julia Tang & the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble

Day 97: "Series Imposture" by David Bird, performed by Charlotte Mundy & TAK Ensemble

Day 99: "Man Kunto Mola," written & performed by Arooj Aftab

Day 92: "On Stellar Magnitudes" by Brian Ferneyhough, performed by Luisa Castellani & Ensemble Contrechamps, conducted by Zsolt Nagy

Day 94: "Neurotic and Lonely" from craigslistlieder, written & performed by Gabriel Kahane

Day 96: "Lonely Child" by Claude Vivier, performed by Marie-Danielle Parent & the Orchéstre Métropolitain de Montréal, conducted by Serge Garant

Day 98: "Brownie, You're Doing a Heck of a Job" from Katrina Ballads, written & performed by Ted Hearne

Day 100: "Mysteries of the Macabre" by György Ligeti, performed & conducted by Barbara Hannigan