150 Days of Vocal Music

Days 81 — 90

June 27 — July 6


Day 81: "A Church Made of Glass" by Elliott Gyger, performed by Jane Sheldon, Jessica Aszodi, & Lucy Dhegrae

Day 83: "Das Fieberspital (The Fever Hospital), Part 2," written & performed by Diamanda Galás

Day 85: "DURATION & ITS SIMPLE MODES" by Jennifer Walshe, performed by Jennifer Walshe & the Kammerchor of the Sing-Akademie zu Berlin

Day 87: "Means of Protection" by Wojtek Blecharz, performed by Anna Radziejewska, Magdalena Bojanowicz, & Maciej Frąckiewicz

Day 89: "Hymn to Inana" by Maria Atallah, performed by Marianne Dostaler, Elise Heikkila, & Maria Atallah

Day 82: "The Body Electric" by Jamie Leigh Sampson, performed by the Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble

Day 84: "This Woman's Work" by Kate Bush, arranged & performed by Theo Bleckmann

Day 86: "Philomel" by Milton Babbitt, performed by Bethany Beardslee

Day 88: "Tehillim" by Steve Reich, performed by Alarm Will Sound

Day 90: "Atthis" by Georg Friedrich Haas, performed by Sarah Maria Sun