150 Days of Vocal Music

Days 71 — 80

June 17 — June 26


Day 71: "Prayer for Nil" by Anthony Pateras, performed by Jessica Aszodi

Day 73: "Murmurations for Chibok" by Joan La Barbara, performed by the Young People's Chorus of NYC

Day 75: "Déšť (když zpívá)," written & performed by Iva Bittova

Day 77: "Scenes from a Novel" by György Kurtág, performed by Tony Arnold & Either/Or Ensemble

Day 79: "Prelude to an opera not written" by Ethan Braun, performed by Fay Wang & Brendon Randall-Myers

Day 72: "Mirabai Songs" by John Harbison, performed by Dawn Upshaw

Day 74: "Robin Redbreast" by Eve Beglarian, performed by Corey Dargel & Margaret Lancaster

Day 76: "Composition 254" by Anthony Braxton, performed by Kyoko Kitamura & Anne Rhodes

Day 78: "Lotus Voice: an Introduction to Pansori" by Texu Kim, performed by Connor Lidell & the Indiana University New Music Ensemble

Day 80: "Drinking Songs" by Arthur Levering, performed by Krista River, Franziska Huhn, Amanda Romano, Donald Berman, & John McDonald; conducted by Scott Wheeler