150 Days of Vocal Music

Days 51 — 60

May 28 — June 6


Day 51: "Bubbles" by Aleksandra Vrebalov, performed by the Brooklyn Youth Chorus

Day 53: "Her Disappearance" by Bethany Younge, performed by Kayleigh Butcher

Day 55: "Stripsody," written & performed by Cathy Berberian

Day 57: "Tandem" by Chris Fisher-Lochhead, performed by Christie Finn & Felix Behringer

Day 59: "Microsonetto" by Nikolay Khrust, performed by Lilia Gaysina & the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, conducted by Philipp Chizhevskiy

Day 52: "Seven Armenian Songs" by Gabriela Lena Frank, performed by Tony Arnold, Movses Pogossian, & K Kato

Day 54: "Mantiké" by Silvia Pepe, performed by Ryan Muncy, Lucy Goddard, & Simon Whiteley; conducted by James Weeks

Day 56: "Language of Flowers" by Mischa Salkind-Pearl, performed by Tony Arnold, Barry Crawford, Ben Fingland, Jeffrey Missal, Mike Lormand, Matthew Gold, Steven Beck, Yuri Namkung, Liuh-Wen Ting, & Joshua Gordon

Day 58: "Your Fox is a Dirty Gold" by Alexander Schubert, performed by Frauke Aulbert

Day 60: "Tightrope" by Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh, performed by Justine Anderson & musicians at the Australian National Academy of Music, conducted by Peter Neville