150 Days of Vocal Music

Days 41 — 50

May 18 — May 27


Day 41: "La Musique" by Elliott Carter, performed by Lucy Shelton

Day 43: "America: A Prophecy" by Thomas Adès, performed by Susan Bickley & the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

Day 45: "Endless Shrimp" by Jessie Marino, performed by Dennis Sullivan & Levy Lorenzo (Radical 2)

Day 47: "Motorman Sextet" by Taylor Brook, performed by Ekmeles

Day 49: "Glossolalia" by Sky Macklay, performed by Sharon Harms & Mila Henry

Day 42: "The Raven" by Toshio Hosokawa, performed by Abigail Fischer

Day 44: "Void" by Nina Young, performed by Marie Marquis

Day 46: Nicole Paris beatboxing

Day 48: "Impossibility Song" by Philip Schuessler, performed by Carrie Henneman-Shaw, Mabel Kwan, & Jesse Langen

Day 50: "Can't Feel at Home" by Christopher Trapani, performed by Lucy Dhegrae & Talea Ensemble