150 Days of Vocal Music

Days 121 — 130

August 6 — August 15


Day 121: "gravity of shadows" by Morgan Krauss, performed by the Fonema Consort

Day 123: "About Face" by Yoon-Ji Lee, performed by Elizabeth Farnum & the JACK & MIVOS quartets

Day 125: Agnes's final aria from Written on Skin by George Benjamin, performed by Barbara Hannigan

Day 127: Excerpt from "Bloom's Mouth Rushed In" by Jen Shyu, performed by Jen Shyu, Ambrose Akinmusire, Mat Maneri, Thomas Morgan, & Dan Weiss

Day 129: "Halai-Musubi" by Misato Mochizuki, performed by ensemble pro_VOC_ation

Day 122: "Panda Chant" by Meredith Monk, performed by the San Francisco Girls Chorus

Day 124: "secular love-(m)orphia" by Adrian Montufar, performed by Kayleigh Butcher, Dieter Hennings, & Molly Barth

Day 126: "Silence Seeking Solace" by Dai Fujikura, performed by Alice Teyssier and The Rhythm Method

Day 128: "Parlando" by Agata Zubel, performed by the ElettroVoce Duo (Agata Zubel & Cezary Duchnowski)

Day 130: "Open Your Box" by Yoko Ono, performed by Yoko Ono & John Lennon