150 Days of Vocal Music

Days 11 — 20

April 18 — April 27


Day 11: "D-Musik" by Sergey Khismatov, performed by Anna Korsun

Day 13: "Trajectories" by Erin Rogers, performed by ThingNY (Gelsey Bell & Paul Pinto)

Day 15: "Brick J," from Angel's Bone, written & performed by Du Yun

Day 17: "Sequenza III" by Luciano Berio, performed by Sarah Maria Sun

Day 19: "und Ich Bin Dein Spiegel" by Reiko Füting, performed by Nani Füting & the Mivos String Quartet

Day 12: "Akrostichon-Wortspiel" by Unsuk Chin, performed by Jessica Petrus & Cantata Profana

Day 14: "Dithyramb" by Jason Eckardt, performed by Tony Arnold

Day 16: "Words to Sleep By" by Natacha Diels, performed by Alice Teyssier, Ryan Muncy, & Rebekah Heller

Day 18: "moyioomni" by Anna Korsun, performed by SWR Vokalensemble

Day 20: "Monotype #2" by Pedro Alvarez, performed by Peyee Chen & Trace Ensemble