Advertising opportunities

Fans of Resonant Bodies Festival are lovers of music, art, and the avant-garde; they're well-educated, adventurous, and primarily within the 25-45 age range. We would love to work with you on crafting the perfect ad to reach our ever-expanding global audience. Check out our numerous advertising options below to find the best fit for the marketing needs of your business.

Please contact resbods[at]gmail[dot]com with inquiries.



Resonant Bodies Festival is growing rapidly: in its six-year history, RBF has expanded to include festivals in four cities internationally, reaching an enthusiastic live audience. Each three-day festival has packed venues such as Roulette Intermedium in Brooklyn, Merkin Concert Hall in Manhattan, Constellation in Chicago, and the Melbourne Recital Centre. We print a minimum of 500 program booklets and make digital copies available online for audiences and for archival purposes. The program booklet cover (full-page size) and half-page advertisement size are demonstrated in the images to the right.



$300 half page

$600 full page

$900 back cover in color


$500 half page

$1,000 full page

$1,500 back cover in color



Resonant Bodies Podcast is the perfect way to expand your business's visibility by reaching listeners throughout the year. Our podcast series (36+ episodes in the 2018 season) spotlights the performers featured on Resonant Bodies Festivals around the world, delving into the influences that have developed each artist and inspired their music. The podcast is a year-round dialogue about vocalists and vocal music: what it means to be a solo vocal performer working in the medium of contemporary classical and avant-garde music. Last year, the podcast had approximately 5,000 RSS subscribers, in addition to the hundreds of listeners on the podcast's SoundCloud channel. Additionally, we share each podcast episode on our social media platforms, increasing visibility by an additional 2,000+ audience members. All pricing is for a 12-month ad cycle, which includes a minimum of 12 episodes.


$250: One 15-second ad per episode, for 12 months (12-30 episodes)

$500: One 30-second ad per episode, or two 15-second ads per episode, for 12 months

$1,000: Two 30-second ads per episode, for 12 months



Sponsorship is a great way to advertise your business online, in person, and in print. This advertising option includes an announcement of your sponsorship from the Resonant Bodies Festival stage, in addition to online, podcast, and printed ads. Past live audiences have reached numbers of 450+, and this year, are anticipated at over 500 audience members total.

We offer two sponsorship options: artist sponsorship, and concert sponsorship. Artist sponsorship funds go directly to covering your chosen artist's fee, whereas concert sponsorship covers the artist fees for an entire concert. Prices and packaging are as follows:


  • A sponsorship listing on every artist's program booklet page that night (three artists)

  • An onstage announcement of your sponsorship before every artists' performance that night (all three artists)

  • Additional advertisement of your company's logo printed in the "support" page of the program booklet

  • Announcement of sponsorship on each of your sponsored artist's podcast interviews

  • Appearance on Resonant Bodies Festival website as a supporter

  • Advertisement on our online event pages for the evening you sponsor


  • A sponsorship listing on your chosen artist's program booklet page

  • An onstage announcement of your artist sponsorship

  • Additional advertisement of your company's logo printed in the "support" page of the program booklet

  • Announcement of sponsorship on artists podcast interview

  • Appearance on Resonant Bodies Festival website as a supporter