2017 marks our Festival's fifth year, and as we've grown, we have clarified our vision and mission.



We reject the inherently sexist notion of vocalists as muses or vessels, and the hierarchy of "creator" and “interpreter." We reject distinctions between composer, improvisor, and performer, and embrace fluidity of artistic identity. We reject the vocal classification system.



The power of curation and programming belongs to the Few; we give this power back to the Many: the individual vocalist. We entrust the performer with unfettered programmatic freedom. The result is diversification. Quite literally, we give those who need to be heard an amplified platform.



Our Festivals are a meeting place for those interested in the infinite possibilities of the human voice. We celebrate all approaches to vocalization, and we celebrate the power of diverse voices heard together. Our resources serve, educate, and empower our community. 



We reject the trend for non-profits to operate with a "growth" mindset. We will not be pressured by a culture that prizes profit over sustainability. The arts, which explore beauty and irrationality, cannot be driven by numbers. We embrace expansion and contraction in the amount of work we do to match the necessity of our work in the world.



Our resources—community-controlled platforms—serve to democratize the process through which repertoire is discovered and circulated. We serve as a counter force to the power of the publishing industry.