The Resonant Bodies Festival—“in equal measures intelligent, playful, ambitious and moving” (New York Times)—is an annual festival of contemporary vocal music that presents nine dynamic vocalists across three nights. The Festival showcases "today’s most talented singers... seamlessly blend[ing] classical, avant-garde and indie-folk” (Feast of Music). Vocalists are invited to curate and perform in their own 45-minute set, with no restrictions on repertoire, format, or style. This freedom gives each show a "happy zealousness, where the singers’ enthusiasm for their repertoire [is] contagious” (Sequenza 21).

The "indispensable” and "essential" Festival (New York Times), founded in 2013, has already made an important contribution to the new music scene and is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to hear virtuosic contemporary music vocalists perform cutting-edge repertoire in New York City. With a generous grant from the Ellis L. Phillips Foundation, the festival is expanding its reach in May 2017 to Melbourne, Australia, and in 2018 to Los Angeles and Chicago. 

Our Mission

Resonant Bodies Festival supports the growth and evolution of contemporary vocal music and vocal artists. The Festival currently produces an annual series of new vocal music performances in New York City and maintains a database of vocal music. Our goals are: 

  • To catalyze creation of new vocal music 
  • To expand the audience for new vocal music
  • To challenge and transform the role of the vocal recitalist
  • To bring together a global network of new-music vocalists
  • To create and archive media resources to better connect audiences, performers, and composers

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Past Artists

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How we choose artists

Artists for Resonant Bodies Festival are curated by Festival director Lucy Dhegrae. RBF presents a wide variety of voices and styles, and seeks captivating performers and virtuosic vocalism. We do not accept project proposals. The reason for this is that RBF does not curate repertoire; we only curate performers. We want artists to have complete control over repertoire, and we want to give them freedom and encouragement to create new work or take their artistry in a new direction. We even want to be surprised by what they choose to program. Those interested in performing on the Festival are encouraged to send links to videos and recordings in an email (resbods at gmail dot com), and invitations to upcoming performances in the New York City area. If you would like to be considered for the festival, then we would love to get to know your work if we are not already familiar with it. Prospective artists are encouraged to attend one of our festivals, whenever possible, and to view past Festivals on our Vimeo, YouTube, and Soundcloud pages. 

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