150 Days of vocal music 

For the 150 days leading up to our 2017 NYC Festival, and in celebration of our fifth year, we will post one piece of vocal music per day that we think our audience should know about! Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter (#150DaysofVocalMusic), and enjoy these selections! 


Day 1: "One Pitch: Birds for Distortion and Mouth Synthesizers" written and performed by Sofia Jernberg

Day 5: "Non sta, si svolge e gira" by Giuliano Bracci, performed by VOCALLAB

Day 9: "Jabberwocky" from Wonderglass by Susan Botti, performed by Susan Botti (voice) and Sam Tundo (percussion)

Day 13: "Trajectories" by Erin Rogers, performed by thingNY

Day 17: "Sequenza III" by Luciano Berio, performed by Sarah Maria Sun


Day 21: "Vidi l'angelo nel marmo" by Katherine Balch, performe by Departure Duo

Day 25: "Housework" written and performed by Carolyn Connors

Day 29: "Shame" by Eve Beglarian, performed by Wu Man

Day 29: "Shame" by Eve Beglarian, performed by Wu Man

Day 33: "She is asleep" by John Cage, performed by Julia Bullock and Milena Gligic

Day 37: "True Fire" (starts at 25:00) by Kaija Saariaho, performed by Davóne Tines and L'Orchestre national de France

Day 37: "True Fire" (starts at 25:00) by Kaija Saariaho, performed by Davóne Tines and L'Orchestre national de France

Day 41: "La Musique" by Elliott Carter, performed by Lucy Shelton

Day 45: "Endless Shrimp" by Jessie Marino, performed by Radical 2

Day 49: "Glossolalia" by Sky Macklay, performed by Sharon Harms and Mila Henry

Day 49: "Glossolalia" by Sky Macklay, performed by Sharon Harms and Mila Henry

Day 53: "Her Disappearance" by Bethany Younge, performed by Kayleigh Butcher

Day 57: "Tandem" by Christopher Fisher-Lochhead, performed by Christie Finn and Felix Behringer

Day 61: "Mono (Autotune Study)" by Simon Steen-Andersen, performed by Sebastian Berweck

Day 65: "Quatre Chants pour Franchir le Seuil" by Gérard Grisey, performed by MEC Ensemble and Alice Teyssier

Day 69: "Breathing" written and performed by Pamela Z

Day 73: "Murmurations for Chibok" by Joan La Barbara, performed by the Young People's Chorus of NYC

Day 77: "Scenes from a Novel" by György Kurtág, performed by Tony Arnold & Either/Or Ensemble

Day 2: "Anthem" by George Lewis, performed by Wet Ink Ensemble

Day 6: "Un lieu verdoyant" by Philippe Leroux, performed by Sophia Burgos (soprano) and Casey Grev (soprano saxophone)

Day 10: "If only after you then me" by Amadeus Regucera, performed by Duo Cortona



Day 14: "Dithyramb" by Jason Eckardt, performed by Tony Arnold

Day 18: "moyioomni" by Anna Korsun, performed by SWR Vokalensemble

Day 22: "Hocket" by Meredith Monk, performed by Meredith Monk and Theo Bleckmann

Day 26: "A Solo Voice" written and performed by Odeya Nini

Day 30: "The Albertine Workout, Part 4" by Erin Gee, performed by TAK Ensemble

Day 34: "like a halo" by Katherine Young, performed by Wet Ink

Day 38: "Rapana" by Maria Stankova, performed by ICE

Day 42: "The Raven" by Toshio Hosokawa, performed by Abigail Fischer

Day 46: Beatboxing by Nicole Paris

Day 50: "Waterlines" by Christopher Trapani, performed by Lucy Dhegrae and Talea Ensemble

Day 54: "Mantiké" by Silvia Pepe, performed by Ryan Muncy (tenor sax), Lucy Goddard (mezzo-soprano), Simon Whiteley (bass), conducted by James Weeks

Day 58: "Your Fox Is a Dirty Gold" by Alexander Schubert, performed by Frauke Aulbert

Day 62: "Messa di voce" written and performed by Jaap Blonk

Day 66: "Los Niños" by Jesse Jones, performed by Sharon Harms and Kenneth Meyer

Day 70: "Sarabande" from "Partita" by Caroline Shaw, performed by Roomful of Teeth

Day 74: "Robin Redbreast" by Eve Beglarian, performed by Corey Dargel & Margaret Lancaster

Day 3: "Smoke and Distance" by Tonia Ko, performed by Sharon Harms and Katherine Dowling

Day 7: "Ampelos" by Martin Iddon, performed by Jeffrey Gavett

Day 11: "D-Musik (für Sopran in der Dusche) by Sergey Khismatov, performed by Anna Korsun

Day 15: "Brick J" written and performed by Du Yun

Day 19: "...und ich bin Dein Spiegel" by Reiko Füting, performed by Nani Füting and the Mivos String Quartet

Day 23: "Fragments on Fragments" by Scott Wollschleger, performed by Mary Bonhag

Day 27: "Invocation VI" by Beat Furrer, performed by Jane Sheldon

Day 31: "Since 1500" by Matthew Schickele, performed  by the Bard College Graduate Vocal Arts Program, 2011

Day 35: "Lúa descolorida" by Osvaldo Golijov, performed by Dawn Upshaw and Gilbert Kalish

Day 39: "Metalogicalities" by Federico Favalli, performed by Felicita Brusoni

Day 43: "America: A Prophecy" by Thomas Adès, performed by Susan Bickley

Day 47: "Motorman Sextet" by Taylor Brook, performed by Ekmeles

Day 51: "Bubbles" by Aleksandra Vrebalov, performed by the Brooklyn Youth Chorus

Day 55: "Stripsody" written and performed by Cathy Berberian

Day 59: "Microsonetto" by Nikolay Khruset, performed by the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, Lilia Gaysina (soprano), and Nikolay Khrust (electronics), conducted by Philipp Chizhevskiy

Day 63: "Corporal" by Vinko Globokar, performed by Carlota Cáceres

Day 67: "Lotófagos" by Beat Furrer, performed by Tony Arnold and Randy Zigler

Day 71: "Prayer for Nil" by Anthony Pateras, performed by Jessica Aszodi

Day 75: "Déšť (když zpívá)" written and performed by Iva Bittová

Day 4: "Hvolf" by Anna Thorvaldsdottir, performed by Alice Teyssier and ICE

Day 8: "What Though That Light" by Peter Kramer, performed by Olivia Boen

Day 12: "Akrostichon-Wortspiel (Acrostic-Wordplay)" by Unsuk Chin, performed by Jessica Petrus



Day 16: "Words to Sleep By" by Natacha Diels, performed by ICE

Day 20: "Monotype #2" by Pedro Alvarez, performed by Trace Ensemble (Peyee Chen, soprano; Alba Bru, flute; Diego Castro Magas, e-guitar)

Day 24: "Grafter" composed/devised and performed by Jessica Aszodi and Jenna Lyle 

Day 28: "Eight Songs For a Mad King" by Peter Maxwell Davies, performed by Julius Eastman

Day 32: "Northeast Reservation Lines" by Hayes Biggs, performed by Christine Schadeberg

Day 36: "Squarepushers" by Amanda Feery, performed by Quince

Day 40: "Only the Words Themselves Mean What They Say" written and performed by Kate Soper

Day 44: "Void" by Nina C. Young, performed by Marie Marquis

Day 48: "Impossibility Song" by Philip Schuessler, performed by Pesedjet

Day 52: "Seven Armenian Songs" by Gabriela Lena Frank, performed by Tony Arnold, Movses Pogossian, and K Kato

Day 56: "Language of Flowers" by Mischa Salkind-Pearl, performed by Tony Arnold and the Wellesley Composers Conference Faculty Ensemble

Day 60: "Tightrope" by Annie Hui-Sien Hsieh, performed by Musicians at the Australian National Academy of Music, Justine Anderson (soprano), conducted by Peter Neville

Day 64: "Die Wahrnehmung eines wortes" by Wen Liu

Day 68: "Poems of sheer nothingness" by Aaron Helgeson, performed by Susan Narucki

Day 72: "Mirabai Songs" by John Harbison, performed by Dawn Upshaw

Day 76: "Composition 254" by Anthony Braxton, performed by Kyoko Kitamura & Anne Rhodes